2017-2018 New Officers' Installation





Officers Jewels after Blessing by Father Jim.



Retireing Grand Knight Nick Del Pozzo Introducing Districe Warden Hal Wieland



Witnesses to the Installation, Brother Knights and Spouses



Installtion Team, District Deputy Ed Kaminski and District Wardern Hal Wieland



District Deputy Ed Kamenski's Opening



Intial Mangement Team WGK John Kyle, WDGK John Kelleher and WChancellor Jim Berl



DD Ed Kaminski calling the Officers for Induction



2017-2018 Officers Offer Prayes and stand in the form of the cross



Chancellor Jim Berl, WDGN John Kerlleher and WGK John Kyle



Project Columbus Hope Award to Hilton Heal PEP Organization, Check for over $14,400. present toSteve Maglione

Presented by Brother Bill Schumacher and SK Brad Simpson



Special Recognition Award to Council 10668 Frist Grand Knight 25 Yeas Ago., SK Bob Bidwell



2016-2017 Knight of the Year Award to Brother John Kyle



2016-2017 Family of the Year awarded to Brad Simpson and Nancy Simpson (not present) by PGN Nick Del Pozzo



2017 May Knight of the Month awarded to Brother John Kelleher



Special Award, The Consigliere Award present to SK Tony Schopp by PGK Nick Del Pozzo



Presentation of the Grand Knights Hat to the new Grand Knight John Kyle by PGK Nick Del Pozzo



WGK John Kyle's intial remarks.



PGK awarded the PGK Award from WGN John Kyle



Sepecial Anniversary recognition to Mike and Ann Waters