Sick Brothers and Family Members
Please pray for the following Brothers and family members who may be sick or injured.


- Rev. James Crowley - Chaplin - leg issues.

- Jerry Grubb has serious health issues and is back in the hospital 

- Frank Grywalski is recovering from hip replacement surgery

- George Loud will have knee surgery on May 16

- Former District Deputy Roy Spurlock has serious health issues and will have two surgeries in the near future.      

- John Scanlan’s mother passed away on April 30

- Ray Hanzl, brother-in-law of Carl Fenstermaker, has lung cancer

Marie Mahoney-wife of Lou Mahoney has had a fall and is having severe back pain

Gus Kane-is being treated for facial cancer and will have reconstructive surgery

Grandson of Dave DeReamer has had surgery to straighten his back

Pat Roberts- sister of George Reilly has dementia

Bill Mullane’s son is recovering from a stroke

Walt Marcinkowski is making a good recovery from hernia surgery

Gordon Grant is in the Memory Unit at Belfair in Bluffton

John Kyle has made a good recovery from a procedure for a blocked artery

Ken Oppenheimer- son of Bob Oppenheimer may have back surgery

Greg Smetek- grandson of Ron Smetek has general health issues

Bill Weyeneth’s cousin’s husband is in severe declining health


Dani Hanes–wife of Howard Hanesis beingtreated for myocitis

Bill Cantasano-chronic leukemia,emphysema and dementia

Davis DeReamer-son of DaveDeReamer has developed heart complications

Nick Sharr-has severe back problems and having treatments fo rparkinsons disease

Gerry Grubb-infailing health

Gretchen Keefner-sister-in-law of Bill Bender is being treated for lymphoma

Joe Smith-is being treated after suffering two strkes

Eric Leland-brother of JackLelandhasbeendiagnosedwithALS

John Carriero-has undergone radiation for a brain tumor

Pat Fitzgerald-wife of Tom Fitzgerald is recovering from a stroke

Trina Weyeneth-sister of Bill Weyeneth has had chemotherapy for breast cancer

Emil Sagan-has had radiation for a tumor on his neck

Buzz Burger-is in the Life Care Center recovering from a broken hip

JudyWinarchick-wife of RonWinarchick is being treated for Rocky Mountain Fever

Victims of Hurricaine Matthew




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