PFN SK Rick Graff, District Master Sk Tom Monahan and District Pilot Sk Reulito Gonzalez (GONA)


                Faithful Friar Father Jim Crowley


                     New Faithful Navigator SK Dave Mulbarger                                                              New Faithful Captin Sk Mike D'Lugos

                New Fatithful Comptorller SK Rich Regan                                                                     New Faithful Scribe SK Bill Cotter


      Faithful Chaplin Father Jim Crowley with closing prayer                                                   PFN SK Rick Graff Opening the Installation Reception


        Jack Cavagnaro Award Committee Sk Lee Sturm and Sk Bart Bubnell                        Award to Hilton Head Fire Department / Fire and Rescue


         Local Hilton Head Fire Station attending Installtion                                          Fire and Rescue accept the Jack Cavagnaro Award for the entire Fire Department


                    Testing the strength of Award                                                                Acceptance by Emergency Coordinator for Fire and Rescue


      Faithful Navigator Sk Dave Mulbarge talks of growing the assembly                              District Master SK Tom Monahan echos Dave's comments



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